Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blonde to Brunette: Ikea Laminate Dresser Hack

Hey y'all!  I'm Heather: the older, much wiser sister that Lindsey often hints at as having an organization obsession.  I snuck into Lindsey's blog to bring you one of my latest DIY success stories.  Here's the low-down on how I took my decade old Ikea dresser (from the sale section no less!) and transformed it from eek to chic.  Enjoy!

I've had this little piece of furniture since my undergrad days and surprisingly (after moving it approximately 7 times) it's still in decent shape.  When I began tackling my spare bedroom, I contemplated donating/selling it, but decided to give it a makeover and keep it in the space.  The picture below gives you a better idea of the scale of the dresser.  Don't worry.  I keep my clubs in my storage space now :)  You'll also notice below that the dark charcoal paint sample didn't make the cut.  Yep- I've painted yet another room in my home "greige."  Grey + beige = the color of most of my house. #Iamafraidofcolor.

I considered painting the dresser white and changing out the hardware, but the more I looked at it, the more apparent it became that changing the drawer pulls would make it look awkward.  (The screw holes are way too far apart.)  Then I started thinking more critically about the color....  I'd been a blonde myself my entire life....up until about a year and a half ago when I took the plunge and asked my stylist to turn my hair from uber blonde to "darkest brown."  I felt instantly more sophisticated :)  I thought the same logic would naturally then apply to this dresser. #notanormaltrainofthought.

Linds and I got to work removing the handles, being mindful to place the screws together in a small bag so that I wouldn't lose them.  The metal legs I simply covered in frog tape to protect from any rogue roller strokes.

Next, we primed the dresser to make the paint more adherent to the laminate.  We applied two thin coats of Zinsser primer 24 hours apart.  I found that a small sponge roller worked best; just remember that oil-based paints are difficult to clean unless you enlist the help of mineral spirits.  

The primer does an AMAZING job.  But it smells.  Bad.  #openthewindows or #useafacemask.

Next came paint selection.  We used Rustoleum Painter's Touch Metallic. 

This is how she looked after two coats.  If ORB qualifies as a color, I'd call it my current favorite. Fancy, huh?

And here she is after a total of 3 coats....

Brunette = instant glamour.  Love the makeover.  What are you guys hacking from Ikea? Anybody else jumping on the brunette train?

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