Sunday, October 28, 2012

Buildables: Ana-Inspiration - Simple, Cheap, and Easy Console Table

If you haven't heard of Ana White, I think it is a blog you should add to your repertoire. It's an AMAZING website full of easy to follow plans created by Ana herself while living in rural Alaska.  When I first discovered her website, I spent HOURS on end searching through plans and brag posts trying to decide what I wanted my first project to be. We had just moved in to our current place, money was tight, but I still wanted to turn our house into a home (and not just another rental).   

I decided to start with the Simple, Cheap, And Easy Console Table (the name even summed up my hopes for my first project - sold).  I borrowed my Dad's miter saw (the least scary of all saws in my opinion) and headed to "Big Blue" as Ana refers to it to pick out my lumber, with the printed plan in my hand.  I adjusted the dimensions to fit my space and had most of the wood pre-cut at the store (offered at nearly all Big Blues), but realized later I wanted to add on another shelf, and wanted to try my Dad's saw at home for the few remaining cuts.  Using a miter saw is actually quite easy, but louder than I expected and very messy!  Sawdust everywhere.  It's almost worse than glitter.   

Don't mind the mess of our garage.  At the time I didn't think I would be posting these pictures online, as they were intended to let my family know that I had completed my build with all of my fingers still intact!
From (Dark Walnut)

As Ana suggested, the best tool I have bought besides my drill was easily the Kreg Jig.  

It made my first project come together so easy and definitely looked more professional than I could have done with a hammer and nails or my trusty drill alone.  I purchased the one shown above, but for those trying to decide on which version to get, I wish I would have gotten the upgraded model.  Live and learn!

I stained the console table with Minwax Dark Walnut (more coats than I care to remember, but I want to say at least 6 because I wanted a DARK console table).  I used a foam brush (my personal favorite because they are so cheap and don't leave brush marks) and wiped away the excess stain with basic paper towels.  

I also applied a couple layers of flat polyurethane to protect the finish (also applied with foam brushes), and passed the time it took for the poly to cure (an agonizing 7 days) by purchasing some baskets from Michael's (at 50% off) and putting the table in its final location - our entryway. 

The table is darker in person than in the picture (which is a couple years old now), and not to worry, it has been fully accessorized since this picture was taken!

Unfortunately, this area has also become a catch-all that needs a little organizing!  My sister has been on an organizing spree to put it lightly, and I think her determination to get her place organized has rubbed off on me.  Therefore, a follow-up post is coming soon about the table's current function and uses once I re-organize the contents. 

I know the suspense is killing you. Pass the time by browsing Ana's website if you haven't already - you'll be glad you did!

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