Monday, October 29, 2012

So pretty you could eat off of it

This was maybe one of the easiest projects I have ever done.  While shopping at Target (noticing a trend?  This is what happens when Target is closer to your home than any other store) I found this placemat on clearance: 

How much on clearance you ask?

50% off is my kind of clearance!  I decided it needed to go home with me since there were no other placemats like it left.  I knew I could find SOMETHING to do with it.  And with a little Pinterest inspiration (anybody else a big fan of this website?!) I decided to turn the placemat into a pillow.

At the bottom edge of the placement, I used my seam ripper to make a 3 inch hole, then stuffed the placemat with some Poly Fill (the stuff that looks like cotton, but much less soft).  I looked a little odd using my wooden spoon to get the batting to the corners of the pillow, but hey, use what you have!

Once I had the pillow overstuffed to my liking, I sewed it shut by hand.  It was less than perfect by far, but it was on the bottom of the pillow and was less than three inches to close.  And it was going in the basement, so who really cares?

All I care about was that it was pretty! And it created a color palate for the basement room it was going in: White, cream, and green, with a little brown and yellow.

Heck, it's pretty enough to eat off of.

Total Cost:
$1.98 + tax.

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