Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Planner Schmanner.

I've been working on getting a post together about how I fill out my planner.  I even took lovely pictures of the color coding and how I keep myself organized.  #unofficiallydiagnosedOCDtrait

BUT, I think I'm going to be giving up on filling out a planner this year, as I'm pretty sure the planners are plotting against me.

Why do I think a conspiracy is happening?  I bought Planner #1 at Target in November last year so I could use it to schedule interviews into January.  After I had finished majority of my interviews, I sat down to put other important information into my planner: Due dates for bills and projects, Work Commitments, Birthdays, etc.  I was ecstatic I was actually getting myself organized when I hit the month of May.  Generally May is a busy month for my family, but when I couldn't find May 25 (my mom's Birthday) I knew something just wasn't right. #naturallyblonde

As evidenced by my cell phone picture:

Do you see what I see? I see a blend of May and March.  When I turned the page, the month of May was non-existent and in it's place was the month of March Part Dos.

So off to Target I went.  I picked up the same exact planner (here should have been my first warning) and went to exchange my faulty planner with the identical appearing new one.  When the Customer Service woman asked me what one planner had that the other didn't, I politely replied, "The month of May."  No seriously.

Now this morning, I decide to take another hour to fill out EVERYTHING I can in my planner.  I'm still laughing about the last planner mishap, but buzzing along with the months of January and February as filled out as possible, and Birthdays/Anniversaries out through October!

I don't mess around when it comes to filling out planners. Then I come to November:

You have got to be *#$&!(%@ me.  The other half of November is missing, as is the first week. So I could go the route of "I'm sorry your Birthday/Anniversary does not exist to me since that part is missing from my planner" but I think I may get strange looks from that quote.

I hope the same lady is working at Target Customer Service because I really can't make this stuff up. Am I now high maintenance for wanting the month of May and November?  Oh boy.

I give up.  I think this is no longer the year of the hands-on planner and it's time to make a minor change in my OCD habits.  "Digital is [apparently] where it's at!" (to quote my sister's response to my text about *@*#(&*@ planners).  Planner schmanner.

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