Friday, January 4, 2013

Quick Tip: Timed Cleaning Motivation

Lacking the motivation to clean?  Aren't we all.

Try this Quick Tip: Set the timer for 10 minutes and do a rapid fire cleaning.
Some suggestions?

  • Pick up anything you see out of place - blankets, coats, shoes, toys, papers, etc
  • Do a quick dusting of the living room or bedroom
  • Wipe up the mirror and the sink in the bathroom
  • Give the windows in the main area of your house a quick spray of Windex
  • Sort through the mail and file appropriately
  • Make the bed - one of the easiest ways to make a bedroom look clean and organized!  Sorry Mom, I'm still awful at making my bed.
  • Clean out expired food from the fridge or pantry
  • Take out the trash from the kitchen and the bathrooms
Once the ten minutes is up, many of us will feel motivated to keep moving and tackle the next area! The hard part for me is ACTUALLY getting started, but once I get going, I feel more motivated and more focused on the task at hand. This is especially true for me when it comes to working out, cleaning, and studying.

You can set the timer in the kitchen, on your phone, or even online (I like the above website)!  Don't want to set a timer?  You can use other "non-timers" such as cleaning for two or three songs on Pandora or during the commercials of your favorite TV show! 

Truth be told, most times I just look at the clock and give myself ten minutes because the timer going off will inevitably set the dogs barking off, but I don't even notice when my ten minutes are up because I'm off cleaning another room or tackling the next item on my To-Do list!

If you are still lacking motivation after your set time period, at least you did something! 

I have found using the Ten Minute Motivation to be extremely helpful in getting me moving - what do you find motivating?

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