Friday, January 4, 2013

Save the Dates: Birthdays and anniversaries that is!

At this point many of you will think I've lost it - you are probably correct.  This is what happens when I have had too many cups of coffee and "Today's Hits Radio" blaring from Pandora.  The motivation is slowly starting to wear off, but the Dance Party will be ongoing until my caffeine wears off! #eventhedogsaredancing

So a few days ago I wrote this post on Paying It Forward throughout the year and prior to that this post about how I'm approaching the New Year.  With those posts in mind, I have taken time today to catch up on a few things I've been wanting to do for weeks to years (yes, I said years) that will hopefully help me accomplish a few of those things.   One my ideas was a one-stop-shop for important dates!

I had mentioned that I think sending cards or messages is a fantastic, yet simple way to show someone you care.  However, and it may just be me, if Facebook doesn't tell me, I often don't know.  Update: Facebook is not always right either! Enter somebody who is not on Facebook and I have NO clue.  So I decided to put all of the important dates in an easy to use document.  I've seen similar approaches online, but wanted to create my own so it was stream-lined, straightforward, and editable for future additions to the family!  I started with my family on my mom's side so I could give you all an example:

I made a document in simple document in word with the months of the year, then filled in the columns with the date of the month and the person(s) name(s).  If just one person is listed, it's his or her Birthday!  With two names, it's an Anniversary and I included the date of the year the couple was married if I knew it so I knew if it was going to be a "milestone" year! Pretty simple huh? You are welcome for not including birthday years :)

I like that I can use this document as a one-stop shop for what cards I want/need to buy so I won't be running out last minute. I also used this document this morning to add the dates to my Google calendar, which has the option to have the event repeat every year so I only have to enter them once - yes please! So for less than 30 minutes of transferring the dates, these are on my calendar for years to come.  I consider that a time-saving situation!

Now I need to set time aside to do this for the rest of my family and friends, and would like to include add in general dates as well (i.e. Mother's Day in May), but I think that will have to be a gradual process!

Another something new?  Here's the link to download your own! #Ihavenoideaifthisisgoingtowork 

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  1. Great idea! Can't wait to steal this :)