Monday, January 21, 2013

Stompin' in my Air Force Ones

No, I never did have a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, but with the Presidential Inauguration playing on TV, I thought I would share my most recent "Presidential" experiences involving Air Force One (not the shoes, the plane).

Since I started interviewing in October, I had AMPLE opportunities to "run" into the Presidential Campaign of 2012.  In fact, on one interview trip, I ran into BOTH candidates in a total of three states. That made for a LONG travel experience, especially when they shut down the airports for HOURS.  It was almost entertaining to see how mad people were at O'hare at this point, with numerous flights delayed, connections missed, etc., but I digress.

I got to the airport a full two hours early because I knew Air Force One was supposed to be landing and I didn't want to be delayed getting TO the airport since my flight was scheduled to leave during his arrival.  If you have never had the pleasure of trying to get around a town with the President in town, I can vouch on my experiences that it is definitely not easy.  The highways are shut down. Pedestrian traffic is rerouted.  Snipers appear all over the place.  It's a little eery!

I made it to the airport this day with no problems and as I sat at my gate, the friendly security guard explained how the whole process worked to me and another passenger waiting for our flight.  Then he pointed to the sky:

And within seconds, Air Force One had landed, unfortunately without Harrison Ford.  (Airforce One was one of the first movies I saw at the drive-in. I remember it being awesome, but I was also in the single digits for age and don't think I've seen it since. #didIjustagemyself?)

Air Force One taxied across the airport to it's own separate hanger, so the President can disembark safely and in privacy to his awaiting motorcade! Then he and his motorcade can proceed to his event and then, only then, can the airport resume the boarding process and air travel (nobody can be outside the actual airport during all of this - something about snipers?). Whole process took about 45 minutes from seeing Air Force One until we could board.  We were delayed, but not too bad!

What I wish I would have gotten a picture of?  The minivan that was escorting Air Force One with the snipers hanging out of the top.  A MINIVAN.  Brings new meaning to Mommy Missles!  #watchoutforminivans

I actually learned from the same friendly security guard that prior to the President's arrival, one to three or more of these show up:

This photo does not do the size of this plane justice: it was impressively sized.  To give a little bit of perspective, the back of the airplane actually opens up and the motorcade spills out!  One of the cargo planes usually stays at whatever site the President is supposed to be at, while the others drop their cargo and move on, only to return in the next few days to pick up their cargo.

Since he was only scheduled to talk for an hour, there were several more cities with the same set-up that day.  And as odds would have it, I ran into his running mate in another city (delayed an hour and half or so), then the President himself at O'hare. He had been there a few hours before actually, but we ran into the aftermath of hundreds of flights delayed and diverted, now trying to catch up.  We actually got diverted because we were running low on fuel from circling the airport, then diverted again back to O'hare (confusing). Thankfully, my connecting flight home was also delayed because of the craziness that day, so no connections were missed for this girl!

If I could give any advice to people interviewing at cities necessitating flying during the Presidential Campaign?  Don't do it.  Wait the extra few weeks.  Or you can do what I did: TCBY fro-yo for dinner during your "Presidential Delay."

Happy Inauguration/Martin Luther King Day!  Celebrate with some frozen yogurt (if you need a reason to eat frozen yogurt), or better yet some hot chocolate because it is FREEZING outside!

Now let's chat about what really matters today: The First Lady's attire and bangs.
J Crew to the Inauguration?  I like your style!  What are your thoughts on the Inauguration style?!

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